Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 11th, Sweet Saturday Roses

By Tasha O'Neill Photography
Saturdays.  We always look so forward to them, don't we? We prize them above Fridays and even above Sundays.  I think that's because they're the one day that you can really choose what to do with your day.  You're not finishing your weekly business like you are on a Friday, and you're not getting ready to start your week like you are on a Sunday. 

Saturdays are In Between.  And they are precious.  Especially when the weather is nice or at least tolerable.  Saturdays are our "choice" days.  We can choose to socialize or do home repairs and improvements or just hang out and be lazy.  Some of us take the chance to do chores.  As a stay-at-home mom I usually don't choose do to chores on a weekend, but the need does arise.  I don't do them with the same GRRR ATTACK!!!! that I might approach them with during the week, of course.  Because, of course, it's SATURDAY.

I would also like to share that I'm merging this blog with my original blog and migrating to Wordpress, at least for now.  This is as I posted on what used to be my "A Queen Raising 3 Princesses" blog and updated to "A Royal Mess" but here's the new information.


Migrations are a natural part of evolution for many species, especially humans.  Even when they're sitting on a couch with a laptop.  I've decided to migrate over to Wordpress, but all of my posts are over there as well as the posts from my Shower of Roses blog.  :-)  Please feel free to migrate with me and subscribe to my Wordpress.

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