Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th Roses

My middle daughter was having a very, very difficult morning before school today which worried me about how it would affect her day at school.  She has Autism Spectrum Disorder so this is a very real concern on a daily basis.  She was so distressed at having to go to school today when she knew her sisters would be home (very) sick that she tried to make herself vomit in between kicking and punching.  That's not my happy.  

I called the school to see how she was doing and not only was she doing well, she was giggling and enjoying her day.  Such a happy! 

I tried Bailey's Creme Brulee coffee creamer in my coffee this morning, and it's pretty good.  I'm still waiting for mocha and cherry, but this was a nice change from the vanillas that are very sweet.

Finding the rose photo for this blog post this morning made me smile.  I love roses. 

I would love to hear about your happiness today.  Big or small, dramatic or subtle, what makes you happy today?

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