Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th Happies!

It's Thursday! For many of you, it's payday! There's a good reason to be happy.  Who has a payday today?

I'm enjoying a hot mug of vanilla pomegranate tea from Design a Tea this morning.  Last week I had a mug of "cherry chocolate cordial" which was cherry and mocha.  They were free samples that I got to "create" myself.  I only had to pay $1 for postage.  They sent one of each flavor I created in a normal envelope with their header on it.  So happy.  Delicious.

My eldest daughter was finally well enough to go to school this morning! SO HAPPY! ;-) 

Hot shower.  Not just the hot shower, but a really pretty smelling new shower wash I picked up.  The scent it called heavenly vanilla. 

I have a lovely body lotion that was given to me as a Christmas gift called Grace, and it's like butter when you rub your hands together.  It seriously just melts into your hands and your skin as it warms up.  Such a nice little happy.

What are your little happies today? I know you have at least one or two!

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  1. I was just coming to post about tea! I just finished a huge mug of Earl Grey Creme...yum.

    My other happy is...I get to see my sister and nephew today. Can't wait!


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