Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5th Roses: Getting Through Hump Day!

Roses by Gertrude
Is midweek really that stereotypically difficult to get through for you as it seems to be for everyone else? Is Wednesday more of a glass-half-full glass-half-empty sort of day? In an effort to try to exude a more positive outlook, what if we looked at midweek and instead of saying, "Blah, three more days until Saturday" we said, " Only two more days until Friday and then the weekend! The week is half over!"

We could also schedule a treat for ourselves midweek to look forward to which can help make the week pass more pleasantly.  It doesn't have to be something extravagant nor expensive, just something small that you can look forward to.  I'd love to see some ideas you have for midweek pick-me-ups.

Today's happy is that my two sick girls are feeling much better.  One is well enough to go back to school this afternoon.  The other is sitting up and eating and playing her DS.

Another happy is that even though it was supposed to rain today in the week's original forecast, it's sunny and beautiful.

Not only are my crocuses blooming, but I can see shoots for my daffodils.

My eldest daughter found my lost-since-Saturday cell phone.  Apparently it was in the couch she's been sleeping on since Saturday.  Hmmm, correlation maybe?

One more happy that I can't resist: an online friend-ish person that is a co-member at a community I visit finally gets to go to court saying that they can bring home their adopted baby.  It's a wonderful, wonderful day and I hope that the weather they're experiencing is as lovely as it is here.  I hope that everything goes smoothly in court and that their first meeting with their daughter is full of joy.  I wish I could be a butterfly on the wall to witness such an amazing event.


  1. This Wednesday is easy for me. My little boy is 2 years old today! I've been on the receiving end of his hugs and kisses all morning. It's like he's thanking me.

  2. MP's BabyDay is for sure my happy today!

  3. An even better happy is that they HAVE her! <3

    Shannon, that's sweet. Happy birthday to your big boy!

    I have another happy. My middle daughter took a shower without fighting me on it. ::thumbs up::


Please share your daily happiness as you stop and smell the roses. Let's also keep the garden clean! Kids may be reading and sharing!

Thank you!