Friday, April 1, 2011

Share Your Rose of Happiness

Every day some people struggle to find the good in their life.  It's not always easy to find happiness or beauty, especially when life seems to hurl you into a cycle of trials and painful situations.  Sometimes it's good to remember that even during our dark times all we need is a little lift to help ease the burden for just a little while.  For some it might be something silly a pet did or a picture they happened to catch sunrise.  For others it could be a craft they made that put a smile on someone's face and made the perfect gift.  

I want to know your daily happies.  It can be an individual happiness, a single rose of happiness, or it can be a bountiful bouquet that makes your heart swell.  Share it in words or just a photo.

You can post in your blogger id or you can post anonymously.  Sometimes we feel like we have to keep what makes us happy under our hats out of fear that it might hurt someone who is going through a difficult time. Sometimes we're afraid we'll sound silly for voicing something in particular that made us happy. Sometimes we just need to share what made us happy but there's no one around and we have to share or we're going to burst. Sometimes... we need to take stock in our lives and actively look for something to be happy about and remind ourselves that there's something small that's good.

Whatever it is, please share it here. Share it in love, in humor, and in good faith.

Thank you!

P.S. Oh, and please try to keep the comments clean from cussing.  :-)  

P.P.S. Also, no spamming.  No advertising of any kind.  All of that sort of thing will be deleted. 

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  1. If you'd like me to post images, you can share a direct link from whatever photo hosting web site you use. I'm not sure if you can post images in comments or not.


Please share your daily happiness as you stop and smell the roses. Let's also keep the garden clean! Kids may be reading and sharing!

Thank you!